Botanical Lamp Shade

Posted by Cassie, May 6th, 2012

My old lamp shade didn’t survive the move to Seattle. When I was looking for a new lamp shade, I was inspired by a neat lamp shade I saw on Etsy that was decorated with dried plants. I followed these instructions for making my own lamp shade.

On one of my hikes around Seattle, I gathered some plants to decorate my lamp shade.

Gathered plants

Then, I dried the plants for a couple weeks.

Drying the plants

After the plants were dried, I arranged the plants on my lamp shade and glued them on. After the glue had dried, I applied a protective coat of  clear acrylic sealer spray.

Finished lamp shade

Lamp shade lit up for the first time

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3 Responses to “Botanical Lamp Shade”

Robert J Rasmussen

This is a nice botanical lamp, but I’m here to ask what happened to PrintWhatYouLike? I use it every single day for eBay and now it just disappeared without an explanation.

Please let users know what is going on.

Thank you.

Best regards,


What happened to the printwhatyoulike web page? If you cannot post it back on, could you please release the code so others can make their own instance?

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