Kite Aerial Photography in Des Moines

by Jonathan, February 7th, 2010 | No Comments

This past summer Cassie and I got a kite and attached a camera to it. We set the camera to continuously take pictures until it ran out of memory. The images turned out way better than we expected! Here they are:

Our kite has 1000′ of line, but the highest were were able to get the camera is about 460′ above the ground. Amazingly, we never dropped the camera, or had the kite fly away. We only had one mishap- We were flying the kite next to Gray’s Lake, which was really crowded that day. We were in an industrial area we weren’t sure we were supposed to be in. After about an hour, a cop car comes our way, pulls up besides us, and the two cops get out. We figured they were going to kick us out, but then they started laughing. They said someone had called 911 to report a UFO over Grays Lake!! By this time it had gotten kind of dark, so the kite line was invisible, and we were behind some trees away from the park. So someone saw this big black diamond hovering over the lake and assumed it was a UFO. Anyway, we showed the cops some of our photos, and they thought it was really cool ๐Ÿ™‚