Uyuni Train Cemetary

Posted by Cassie, September 14th, 2011

We finished our tour of southwest Bolivia in Uyuni, which is a military outpost on the edge of the Salar de Uyuni. Now, it seems that Uyuni´s main purpose is tourism. There are currently 80 agencies and counting that offer tours to the salt flats. But, other than arranging your tour of the salt flats, there isn´t much else to do in Uyuni. The main attraction besides the local museum is the train cemetary consisting of a bunch of rusting trains just outside town. Some of the trains are very old, and they have steam engines that date from the 1930s and earlier. The trains are also covered in graffiti, and some of the graffiti is very high class with physics equations from Einstein and Newton. Some of the other graffiti is not so intellectual saying that a certain tour company sucks. It is surprising that these trains are left there to rust since the metal from the trains would be worth a lot of money if it was recycled.

Intellectual graffiti of a physics equation from Einstein

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