Onto Peru

Posted by Cassie, August 12th, 2010

We left Bolivia, and now we’re spending a few days in Puno, Pero. Check out the photos.

Picnic lunch at the overlook in Puno, Pero

Picnic lunch at the overlook in Puno, Pero

We also have photos from our ill-fated trip to Oruro.

Do not order Salcipollo!

Do not order Salcipollo!

In line with how the rest of our day was going, we ordered the Salchipollo in Oruro not really knowing what it was, which turned out to be a gross pile of french fries, sausage, and a couple pieces of chicken covered with ketchup and mayonaise. Do not order Salchipollo!

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cuando estas en Peru debes que buscar a saltado! lomo saltado con comarones. esta muy picante y por el mas sin ketchup y mayonaise.

buena suerte amigos!

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