Squirrel Hijinks

Posted by Jonathan, June 5th, 2010

Last summery we set a small platform outside a window and put sunflower seeds on it. We hoped to attract squirrels so we could watch them up close.  To reach the platform, the squirrels have to run across a 6 foot wooden rod which connects the platform to the trees.  We weren’t sure if they would figure it out.  Well, it only took two days. I think they might follow the birds, because when we set up the platform, the birds spotted it first and started congregating on it and around it in the trees. Not much later the first squirrel appeared.  I wonder if some really smart squirrels figured out that the easiest way to find food is to let the birds find it, then go over to where they are, scare them all away, and take the food.  Anyway, now the squirrels have learned a new trick.  When there is no food on the platform, they wait on the platform until we enter the room on the other side of the window.  Then they stand up really tall against the glass and stare at us.  They keep on doing this until we relent and give them food.  I feel like we are being blackmailed by squirrels.

A squirrel demanding food from us. Despite being 6 inches tall, they can really project authority.

His persistence paid off, as we eventually gave him food.

His persistence paid off- we eventually gave him food.

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